York, North Yorkshire Careers Hub Celebrates National Careers Week

05 March 2019

To celebrate National Careers Week and National Apprenticeships Week, the York, North Yorkshire, East Riding Local Enterprise Partnership’s (YNYER) Careers Hub, have released a film detailing how they are supporting year 10 students from across York and North Yorkshire. The film details a careers event, hosted with partners and local businesses at Archbishop Holgate’s School in York and showcases the high quality of careers advice and support available. The careers events, delivered at schools across the region, aim to broaden knowledge and raise aspirations around of different pathways into employment and Further and Higher Education, including apprenticeships.

Along with providing career advice talks, workshops on subjects such as, how to become an apprentice and mock interview sessions, the events also offer students the opportunity to meet employers, ask questions and find out about the skills and attributes they specifically look for in employees.

The YNYER Careers Hub is made up of 35 schools, supported by the work of the Careers and Enterprise Company, colleges, universities, training providers, employers and career professionals, all working to improve careers education across the region.

Louise Lunn, Career Hub Manager for YNYER said, “The hub is all about supporting career strategy in schools and ensuring that students are aware of all the options open to them. Schools these days are hugely supportive of different pathways and we want to help build on that and bring in more innovation and quality.”

On behalf of the Careers and Enterprise Company, each school has an Enterprise Advisor, a volunteer from the business community, who work directly with the school to ensure all eight of the Gatsby Benchmarks are continuously being achieved. The Enterprise Advisor works with the Careers team at the school to look for potential gaps and add extra value where necessary, helping the school to both improve their careers programme and tailor their strategy to local and regional careers opportunities.

With over 27 years of experience in delivering employability activities in schools, the North Yorkshire Business and Enterprise Partnership (NYBEP) are key partners and play a vital role with the delivery of the Careers and Enterprise Project across the YNYER region. Their solid track record of building sustainable relationships with schools means they are able to build bespoke programmmes of careers education, addressing specific needs of students, within individual schools. They aim to complement the work the school is already doing.

Attending the event featured in the YNYER Careers Hub film, Emily Porter of the National Apprenticeship Service said of the students from Archbishop Holgate, “They all seem really interested and engaged, which is great and definitely goes to show just how well the teachers have prepared them, prior to the event.”

Duncan Morter, Managing Director of York Crombie Wilkinson Solicitors, also explained that many students were beginning to spot the potential for different job opportunities in certain industries, such as working in the Marketing or HR department of a solicitor’s office.

Proving both informative and beneficial, the event allowed the 250 students involved to explore different options, consider different perspectives and see the potential of different career routes. It is hoped that parents, students and teachers from across York and North Yorkshire will see the film and be inspired to draw on the opportunities that the YNYER Careers Hub can bring.

Schools and businesses interested in learning more about the Careers Hub and how they can get involved, should contact Louise Lunn at the York, North Yorkshire, East Riding Local Enterprise Partnership: [email protected]. YNYER also have a ‘Leading Careers Guidance Toolkit’ available on their website. The YNYER Growth Hub, How’s Business, has an Employers Apprenticeship Toolkit on their website.

You can find the YNYER Careers event film here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=asxh2TH1bzY&list=PLcbcmVbACE2a0LeNIXR5t7-knQ-ARqcki&t=0s&index=2

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