York & North Yorkshire LEP joins partners to celebrate National Apprenticeship Week 2021

08 February 2021

The York & North Yorkshire Local Enterprise Partnership has today announced its plan to support this year’s National Apprenticeship Week running from 8-14th February.

Working in partnership with the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA), the LEP is hosting an online event including local businesses Aviva and Ellis Patents to showcase how apprenticeships can help businesses grow and become resilient. This free event will also cover information regarding incentives being offered by government to encourage apprenticeship start-ups which have suffered during the pandemic. For further information and to sign up for this event, businesses can visit https://www.ynygrowthhub.com/events/leverage-apprenticeships-to-build-back-better/ .


In addition to this, the LEP is also updating its Employers Apprenticeship Toolkit. This is aimed at helping businesses understand how apprenticeships can be used to enable them to fill their skills gaps and achieve their growth aspirations. Whether they are recruiting new talent into the business or developing existing staff, businesses can benefit from apprenticeships to build the knowledge, skills and behaviours they need for their business to succeed. This useful resource has been created with the help of local partners to provide a one-stop shop for local businesses and will be available to download from 9th February via https://www.ynygrowthhub.com/resources/free-download-apprenticeship-toolkit/.

Sam Alexander, Chair of the LEP’s Skills and Employability Board comments, ‘The York & North Yorkshire LEP Skills team recently presented their new ‘Plan for Skills 2021-2026’ and shared a vision for the region where by 2026, people are empowered to achieve their potential in a greener, fairer, stronger economy.

What is important to realise this vision is to ensure that businesses have the skills they need to grow and be successful. Local people- both young and older- need to have access to high quality training and skills provision. Apprenticeships are a valuable pathway to achieve these ambitions and we hope that businesses take advantage of them to help them get through these difficult times.’

Partners across the region will be hosting a variety of events throughout the week for learners, careers leaders and employers. The Careers and Enterprise company through NYBEP on behalf of the LEP will be running Live Apprenticeship Information Sessions on Friday 12th February looking at subjects such as ‘What is an Apprenticeship?’ and Higher and Degree Apprenticeships. For more information or to sign up, email [email protected]

During National Apprenticeship Week, these events will help businesses and potential apprentices understand how apprenticeships can address the technical skills gap that exists in our economy and demonstrate that on-the-job training delivered as part of apprenticeships can provide the skills they need to succeed.


For more information on Apprenticeships, contact Bev Trees at the LEP [email protected] .

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