Place Stories

The future is place based. Our LEP geography is as vast as it is diverse. For our Local Industrial Strategy to truly deliver, it needs to reflect the distinctive places and shared ambitions of our population.

Government guidance stresses that places and local communities should sit at the heart of Local Industrial Strategies that will direct future funding and regeneration. Our approach as a LEP has always been to work at a local level, generating strong partnerships, and understanding from the ground up how places truly work for people and businesses. In tackling the productivity challenge, what works for a large urban centre, will be different to what works across a large rural area such as ours. The future has to be place based, and if we want to power up the north we have to get inside the distinctive places that make up a large geography. Place is key.

Since June 2019, we have worked with local places across the patch to develop a series of ‘Place Stories’. These stories help us to recognise the distinctive challenges and opportunities that local places are facing, to help us build regional priorities that will influence good growth for all.

We need you to ensure that the Local Industrial Strategy for York, North Yorkshire and East Riding, is built on a true reflection of our distinctive places, so that we can develop an action focussed strategy against long lasting priorities. Get involved, join the conversation around your distinctive place.

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