• 1,900 more homes a year.
  • £6m invested in housing growth and employment land.
  • £1.3m invested in flood defence in Skipton. A further £3m planned for 2016/17.

Our area has many distinct advantages. York and Harrogate rank among the best places to live in the country, we have two national parks, a picturesque coastline and rural areas of outstanding natural beauty. We have excellent rail and road connectivity to the rest of the UK and the highest level of skills in the north, in York.

Yet, this doesn’t come without its challenges. Our area’s attractiveness, combined with low average wages, has created the worst housing affordability gap in the North of England. We need to ensure that we make the most of our potential by creating the conditions for high value jobs and growth.

To do this we are investing in infrastructure to remove barriers for new housing and employment sites. This varies from flood prevention, to access roads and bridges, from our urban centres, to rural areas and Yorkshire’s fantastic opportunity coast.