Our Skills Capital investment is funded from the York, North Yorkshire & East Riding Local Growth Fund. Our Capital commitment of £11.6m accounts for 9% of our total £123m Local Growth Fund.


In allocating Skills Capital, we have always worked closely with skills providers on the patch to ensure that we are meeting employer demand and investing in the development of quality facilities to deliver the skills that local our employers tell us they really need.

Through our Skills Capital investment in innovative and digital technology, including the latest round of Skills Capital funding – we have secured investments in leading edge technologies. This means our learners receive the most up to date skills and our workforce is equipped to fully utilise the very latest technology, increasing our productivity and really driving growth.

Yorkshire Arboretum – Tree Health Centre

£260,000 Under Construction

To provide workforce skills for critical tree health and other agri-tech issues.

Scarborough TEC – ELITE Project

£3,300,000 Completed

To provide vocational accommodation for high quality post-16 provision.

Scarborough TEC – Rural Inclusion for Skills and Education (RISE)

£95,000 In application process

Pilot project – pioneering the use of Augmented Reality for rural learning.

East Riding College – Mechatronics (Bridlington Campus)

£225,000 Completed

Specialised workshop to deliver training for urgently needed skills in engineering.

Bishop Burton College – Digital Education Platform

£400,000 In delivery

High performance digital education platform to maximise learning.

Craven College – Electronics and Computing Laboratory

£35,000 Completed

Specialist workshop to deliver electronic and computing engineering

Craven College – Animal Management Centre (Aireville Campus)

£800,000 Completed

Improved facilities and curriculum provision in agriculture and land-based studies.

Harrogate College – Facilities and New Building for Vocational Skills

£3,000,000 Completed

Develop facilities and to offer vocational pathways and apprenticeships.

Askham Bryan College – Agri Engineering Centre

£600,000 Completed

State of the art engineering training centre.

Askham Bryan College – Agri Tech Skills Centre

£1,000,000 Completed

Developed existing buildings to create a new Agri Tech Centre.

Askham Bryan College – Future Farm

£430,000 In delivery

Delivering skills to maximise agricultural productivity with digital technology.

York College – Internet of Things

£17,000 Completed

To meet the growing demand for higher technical and professional skills in IT.

Selby College – Trailblazer

£48,000 Completed

Delivering cutting-edge skills in food, drink and agri-tech automation.

Selby College – Specialist Equipment

£110,000 Completed

Specialist and industry standard equipment to meet employer demand.