Get Involved

It is absolutely vital that businesses, partners and stakeholders across our LEP area take an active part in the formation of our Local Industrial Strategy. It’s only by hearing direct from local businesses and organisations, about the challenges and opportunities they face, that we can illuminate data and build an action focussed and legitimised strategy. We value the voice of business in building a fuller picture of local dynamics and distinctions. Ultimately, businesses will be at the heart of good growth in York, North Yorkshire and East Riding.

All of our workshops are structured to ensure that attendees are able to give their views on our emerging priorities, and these views will be collated into an evidence base that informs how the strategy is shaped.

Throughout June and July we travelled across the patch to visit all of our local areas. We met with over 150 businesses and stakeholders and together we developed our Place Stories. You can have your say on these Place Stories.

What we're doing

Our next phase of engagement will look at Good Growth and test the emerging priorities from our earlier phase of engagement. We’ll be holding a series of events from the 14th-18th of October in York. You can book to attend these events by booking on the links on this page. If you are unable to attend in person, you can have your say on these priorities and also comment some of the thinking around them, on our Emerging Priorities and Think Pieces page.