Building a collaborative ecosystem – achieving systemic change through collaboration


Collaboration is at the heart of our approach to create a circular economy. Creating circular systems requires a multitude of different actors to play their part and work together. To stimulate collaboration, we regularly run workshops and events that bring local authorities, businesses, entrepreneurs, research institutions and charities together to co-create solutions to circular challenges.

Our workshops to date have included:

Circular Economy Stakeholder Workshop – October 2018

Our first stakeholder workshop aimed to kick-start our circular economy initiative, raising awareness and sparking interest among our stakeholders. With over 80 delegates from a diverse range of organisations, stakeholders came together to understand the opportunities and also the challenges involved in moving towards a more circular economy. We heard from inspiring guest speakers, including David Ryan from Toast Ale, Karl Smyth from Drax, Emma McKenna from LWARB, Sarah Hickingbottom from BioVale and Jon Brigg from Yorkshire Water.

Circular Jam – April 2019

  • Co-creating the UK’s first Circular Market Town – Malton
  • Embedding the circular economy in education and careers guidance
  • Embedding the circular economy in local policy
  • Creating, local, sustainable circular agri-food systems
  • Creating sustainable value chains for circular, bio-based construction materials
  • Developing a circular electric vehicle charging network in Yorkshire

Delegates worked in groups to imagine what it would be like when their challenge was solved and to co-create a vision. Then delegates worked through a series of activities to develop a design brief. These working groups have emerged into stakeholder-led and owned projects, supported by the LEP.



What’s next?

Our next stakeholder workshop will be focused on the launch of our Circular Economy Strategy and Action Plan for our patch, showcasing progress so far and co-developing next steps with our stakeholders.

Building a Collaborative Ecosystem

We’re starting to build our collaborative ecosystem internally through setting up:

  • a cross-cutting team tasked with embedding CE thinking across all LEP activities and our sphere of influence
  • a steering group made up of key influencers to provide strategic thinking to our work
  • a community across our patch of individuals passionate about changing the way we do things -the Circular Movers & Shakers of Yorkshire!



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