The Coast

There are many exciting opportunities for growth and job creation on our opportunity coast in areas such as Scarborough and Bridlington.

We are stimulating coastal market demand by exploring supply chain opportunities from major investments such as York Potash and the offshore renewable sector to drive job creation.

We will deliver place-based and business-led interventions which compliment community-led regeneration, to enhance the desirability of coastal towns for businesses and the workforce.


Scarborough and Bridlington have the greatest potential for growth, fulfilling the role of principal towns in the planning hierarchy, and as major centres of employment, housing, business, tourism, education, skills, leisure and entertainment. Both locations show high proportions of small and medium enterprises (SME’s), with many new business start-ups, and also some larger firms, providing employment and local supply chain activity to support the economy along the Yorkshire Coast.

Both towns have plans to significantly reinvent their town centres and attract new investment in the coming years. These build on the developments that have already taken place and will lead to significant future investment opportunities. Both towns have demonstrated resilience throughout the recent challenging economic conditions, and also have the capacity and future potential for growth in physical and economic terms.

The Yorkshire Coast Growth Plan sets out the planned Infrastructure Programme for the Yorkshire Coast, with public investments being considered where there is a clear market failure that is preventing or delaying development.

The Plan highlights the following economic growth in the coming years

  • 6000 new jobs and 4000 construction jobs; 10,000 replacement jobs to backfill retirements.
  • Over 5,000 homes have planning permission to be built, with a commitment for a total of 12,000 houses to be built by 2030 and new highways infrastructure to unlock development potential.
  • Over £2 billion to be invested in Potash Mining, Offshore Renewables Servicing, Harbour and Marina facilities, and Highways Infrastructure
  • Investment of over £30million in further and higher education infrastructure to support skills for economic growth
  • Over £50million for sport and leisure developments, investment in visitor attractions, and development of target market offer


York Potash – The Largest Private Sector Investment in the North

  • 2,500 direct and indirect jobs.
  • £2.3billion annual contribution to UK GDP
  • £2.5billion of exports per annum

We helped support the £1.7billion Potash Mine investment through planning permission last year.

Sirius Minerals plc. – the company behind the project – wants to become a world leading producer of multi-nutrient fertilizer. The area of interest on our patch contains the worlds largest and highest grade polyhalite resource – an essential ingredient to fertilizers and plant growth.

We also approved a £2.5 million Growing places loan to the nearby Whitby business park to accommodate supply chain business for the mine.

With the potential to increase our local economy by around 20% and plans to develop the mine sustainably within the surrounding landscape, the project represents a very exciting opportunity to grow not only our local economy, but to also make a significant national contribution too.

The mine has also received £245m backing from an industry expert. You can read more about that here.